25 Facts That Will Make You Love Gal Gadot Even More

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Having been born in Petah Tikva on the 30th of April in 1985, Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot has gone on to become one of the hottest properties in Hollywood today.
The gorgeous star first came to the attention of movie fans with her role as Gisele Yashar in the Fast and Furious franchise, but she truly rose to mega-stardom when she was cast as the iconic superheroine Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe – a role in which she has truly thrived and has rightfully received a lot of praise for.
Gadot already comes across as an extremely likeable person, but the 25 quick facts in this video will make you like her even more!
The facts include her ordinary early life which included babysitting jobs and working at Burger King, the fact that she won the Miss Israel pageant, the fact that she subsequently sabotaged her own chance at winning the Miss Universe pageant, the fact that she’s an amazing mother who also loves her family dog, the fact that she’s a total bad-ass who served in the Israeli armed forces and loves motorcycles, the fact that internet data suggests she’s the most loved Israeli on the planet, and the fact that she’s the least discriminative person you could ever wish to meet!
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