FOREVER Subli-Light (No-Cut) & Subli-Light (No-Cut) Glitter (Application) / Sublimation on Cotton

A World Sensation – Sublimation Inks on White & Light Cotton Garments without Cutting and without Weeding. Plus No Background!
Only use solid colors (Minimum 100% Sublimation Ink)

You can now use your sublimation printer and the FOREVER Subli-Light (No-Cut) Transfer Paper to print on White & Light Cotton garments. Not only can you print sublimation colours onto cotton garments, but you can also create Glitter transfers by using the FOREVER Subli-Light (No-Cut) Glitter transfer paper. The Glitter paper is a separate transfer paper which you print on using your sublimation printer and press straight to your cotton t-shirt. This is a 1-Paper Solutions – Simple Print and Press to the garment.

No Cutting and No Weeding required!

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